Monday, September 16, 2013


Sometimes in Chile strange things happen.  Like today, for example, the buses are on strike.  This is kind of a problem for us because we live in Hualqui where there is nothing and in order to get to anything we have to take a bus to Conce.  So we left this morning to go get on the bus and after a bit of waiting none had come, so we went to the other bus stop.  Then eventually one passed by and miraculously it had seats (Hermana Frandsen gets motion sick so standing up is not an option for her on the hour-long bus ride into the city), so we got on it.  And we realized it was kind of a miracle, because he wasn't stopping for very many people.....  Then we get about halfway to Conce and somebody gets on the bus and is telling our bus driver that he shouldn't be working because there is a strike and he is telling them that his boss said it was okay, and I'm not exactly sure where they landed on the issue, but after that he backed the bus up for about four blocks and then got on a different stretch of highway and took the "backroads" route into Conce.  Hermana Frandsen said she wasn't sure that we weren't going to be made bus strike hostages, but we got here okay.  Not exactly sure yet how we're getting home though....

So, this week was really weird.  One of the strangest I have had, really.  Lots of random things happened and we were running around like crazy and we didn't get a whole lot done.  I can't really explain it.  Also I don't have time.  But just pray that this week can be a little more normal.  It had been a while since I had so many weird experiences, though, so I guess it was about time.

THURSDAY!  We are going to complete one year in the mission, Hermana Frandsen and I.  We're stoked to be together for it.  Celebrate something awesome for us, since we won't have time!

Here is your commitment for the week (ahem, next six months...):  Read EVERY DAY in the Book of Mormon.  I am super lame and did not get the schedule totally finished this week, but I can tell you how to get started!

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12:  Title page, introduction, testimonies of witnesses and Joseph Smith.
FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13:  Pages 1-4
SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15:  Pages 9-12
MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 16:  Pages 13-16

Next week I'll have a real schedule with chapters and everything.  Right now I have to leave!!!!!

Love you all so very, very much!  Thanks for your love and support (and for the Sour Patch watermelons and strawberry PopTarts and Reese's cups and brown sugar that I know you are all going to send!).

Have a great week!



P.S.  Ask my sister about what she is going to name her baby.  It's a pretty good story.  :)

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