Monday, September 2, 2013

I Don`t Have Anything to Say This Week


So this week was a really long and weird one.  And as I sit here thinking about it, I feel like there's really just not that much to tell.  But we'll see how it goes.

One thing that was awesome was that for TWO days, Hermana Frandsen and I got to be companions for the better part of the day while our companions were at the conference for new missionaries.  One day we worked with the investigators that Hermana Lyons and I are working with, and the other day with the investigators of Hermanas Frandsen and Alvarez.  Our companions came home having learned LOTS and now we are all set to be more awesome missionaries.

Also, this week I developed a love for empanadas.  Appparently it is a tradition among the Hualqui hermanas on the they go into Conce for P-day to do all their shopping at Jumbo and then to buy empanadas from the cafeteria-like area in the Jumbo and eat them in the bus on the way home.  So last week that's what we did.  Obviously, after almost ten months in Chile I had already eaten an empanada.  I just never knew how much I liked them before.  Turns out they're amazing.  Sometimes I just get emapanada cravings now.  It may turn out to be a problem....

Everyone keeps saying that spring is right around the corner.  But it continues right on being cold, so I don't know whether to trust them or not.  But still it's great here.  Hermana Lyons is such a great companion.  I am sure I am going to learn a lot from her.

This week I was reading in Mosiah about when Ammon comes and finds the people of Zeniff and it turns out they are in bondage to the Lamanites and they had sent a group of people out to look for their brethen that they had left behind in Zarahemla and all they found was the Jaredite ruins and a set of gold plates in a foreign language and they are all excited that Zeniff came because they know that he can help them to be delivered from bondage.  Remember that part?  Anyway, something that stood out to me is how important the records were to these people.  Not just to the people of Zeniff, but to all the people in the Book of Mornon.  In this instance, Ammon shares with the people of Zeniff all the things that King Benjamin had shared with the people in Zarahemla in his farewell speech, and then Zeniff asks Ammon if he can translate records because they've been hanging on to these plates that they found among the Jaredite ruins, and later on we read the record that Zeniff and his people have kept ever since they left the land of Zarahemla.  So, first of all Ammon found what King Benjamin had to say to be of so much worth that even on his journey far from home he obviously had some sort of a record of it on hand, or maybe even committed to memory, and then basically the first thing he does when he finds his lost brethren is share these teachings with them.  Then there are the people of Zeniff, who, despite not being able to read the Jaredite records and not even knowing exactly who or where they came from, and despite the fact that they were poor and impoverished and suffering under bondage and having to pay a fifty percent tax on EVERYTHING they had, kept these gold plates sacred because they figured that whatever it was that they said must be important.  And on top of that, they also took care to keep records of their own.  I find this striking.  If that isn`t an example of how IMPORTANT the scriptures are, I don`t know what it.

So here we go again with your commitment for this week.  My grandparents said that leaving a commitment to read the Book of Mormon every day wasn`t lame, and I decided that I agree with them.  So here it is again.  Now that we've talked a little about how important those records are, I invite you to commit to reading from them EVERY DAY THIS WEEK!  If you didn`t do it last week, now you can!  And if you did, just keep on going.  The blessings won`t stop unless you do!

Anyway, that's all for now.  Love you all lots.  Have a great week!



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