Monday, September 2, 2013

Adventures in the Attic

So here are some updates on the crazy shenanigans of the Hualqui hermanas.

One morning while we were getting ready I look up at the ceiling and lo and behold, there is what looks like it might be the entrance to an attic.  So despite the fact that we live in Chile, where animals and bugs and things run a little bit more rampant than  back home, I decided it would be a good idea to check it out.  And it TOTALLY WAS!  We found so much great stuff up there!  Including some Spice Girls boots, an amazing red velvet pencil skirt which Hermana Frandsen adopted and calls the "Home Improvement" skirt because she thinks it's totally something Jill would have worn, and an obviously homemade sheep costume.  Best morning ever.  We laughed so hard.  Then Hermana Lyons told Hermana Arrington (yes, the mission president's wife) that we found a sheep costume in our attic and it seems like she has managed to tell basically every other hermana in the mission somehow.  Everyone keeps asking us for pictures of the sheep costume.  (P.S. We haven't taken any yet.  Maybe we'll find time today.)  And Hermana Frandsen debuted her awesome skirt at the special conference we had with Élder González from the seventy.  She looked amazing and totally "presentable" (that was the way we were instructed to arrive at the conference - presentables).

A little while back Hermana Lyons and I went to try to contact a reference.  That guy didn't want to talk to us, so we decided to go next door and talk to his neighbor.  Well, his neighbor came out and told us that he was from a different religion but that he would listen to us.  So we went in and turns out he was pretty crazy.  Anyway, we were only there about ten minutes but it was seriously one of the strangest and funniest lessons ever.  The best part was when this man couldn't pronounce my name and so he decided that "just between the two of us" he was going to call me Juana.  Needless to say we will not be going back.

The conference with Élder González was so cool.  He and his wife did practices for us and with us and he left lots of time for us to just ask questions.  He was such a good example of how to teach, especially in the way he used the scriptures with everything.  I loved it.  Hopefully sometime I'll be able to talk more about it.  Right now I am having a hard time remembering the specifics.

This week for your commitment, I want you all to watch this Mormon Message about the Book of Mormon: A Book of Mormon Story. And then read your Book of Mormon every day.

Lovelovelove you all.  See you next week!


P.S.  Get geared up - we're gonna read the Book of Mormon together for my last six months!  The calendar should be coming next week!

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