Monday, May 27, 2013

Bienvenido Invierno


Today I am writing my email in two parts, because I didn`t want Claudia´s baptism and my awesome new companion to have to split the glory.  So here is the "rest of the story" of my week.

Tuesday I got to go the Conce to pick up my new companion.  And my new companion is (drumroll please)..........  Hermana Snyder!!!!!

She totally rocks.  She is from California, but has been at BYU the past couple of years.  She´s twenty years old and the oldest of four kids, just like me!  She studied Spanish before her mission, including doing a study abroad in Spain, and so was in the advanced group in the MTC.  She doesn´t understand everything the Chileans say in their rapid, modified vocabulary, but she holds her own.  She is not afraid to talk to people and asks everybody for references!  It´s so great.  Also, two of her most favortie movies are The Princess Bride and Ever After.  Somehow I think we are going to get along!  (Trying to explain how hilarious the Princess Bride is to a latin companion is next to impossible, so I am glad that now at least any random quotes that slip out of me probably won´t get such strange looks out of my companion!)

Anyway, don`t have much more to say about this week except that today it started raining with a vengeance.  We bought heavy-duty rain capes to cover our backpacks and I think it was definitely a good investment.  Here there is a picture of us in our matching rain capes.  Hermana Phelps (who got one too, though she may not want to admit it) says we look like the Von Trapp Family Singers.  Hahaha.  She´s hilarious.

Your commitment this week:  My grandparents told me in their email this week that there has been a lot of talk lately in sacrament meetings about the importance of references in missionary work.  I want to second that thought.  Your commitment this week is to GIVE A MISSIONARY A REFERENCE!  You´ve got your lists, you´ve prayed and thought about it, and now it is time to ACT!  YOu will be blessed and so will THEY!

Love you all so very, very much!

Until next week.



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