Monday, May 20, 2013


¡Hola Familia!

Another crazy week here in Chile has come to an end.  And the best thing ever - we had another baptism!

So like our first or second week together, Hermana Morán and I were out knocking doors one night and this guy opens the door and says that he can´t let us in right then, but that we should come back another time because he thought his brother might be interested in our church.  So we fixed an appointment, and when we went back, there was Jorge!

The first time we met him, we weren´t really sure about him.  He´s real timid and kind of "backwards," as my mom would say, and we weren´t sure if maybe he wasn´t using some kind of drugs.  But he accepted a baptismal date and said he would come to church.  And that Sunday, he came to all three hours of church!  It was totally awesome.

As we continued to teach Jorge, it became clear that he was not a drug addict, just a little socially awkward.  But he was keeping his commitments and seemed to have a sincere desire to repent and prepare for baptism.

Not only did Jorge read his folletos, but he studied them.  He would take notes and look up words he doesn´t know and stuff.  For example, when we taught the Word of Wisdom (La Palabra de Sabiduría), we had left the folleto ahead of time and when we came to teach, he had written up a definition of the word "wisdom."

Jorge is totally flying through the Book of Mormon, and he is able to recall what he reads.  Last time we checked, he was about 80-90 pages in!  He really liked that Nephi never murmurs.

As we reviewed material and then as we helped him prepare for his baptismal interview, we would ask him questions and he would close his eyes and think about the answer and say, "Don´t tell me, don´t tell me!" until he could come up with the answer he was looking for.  He had really sought to learn and commit to memory the principles he was applying in his life.

His baptism was really special.  At the end of the service, he bore his testimony and said that he had really felt the Spirit as he read the Book of Mormon.  He also said that he felt that the gospel had filled an empty space he had had in his heart since his mother passed away when he was young.  Several ward members that attended commented on Sundayon how special it was, and everyone wants to take care of Jorge.  And the Elder´s Quorum President already wants to give him a calling!  And we also know that eventually he will come to realize that he should probably get a haircut.  :)

It has been really special to get to work with Jorge.  I know he will be an example for his family and that he will become a great leader in the Church.  I am so excited to get to watch him progress even more now that he has been baptized and confirmed.  We are crossing our fingers that he is able to go to the temple with the ward in July and prepare his mom´s name for baptisms for the dead.

Anyway, in other news - cambios today!  There´s a LOT going on in our house.  Hermana Miskin is leaving Libertador after a six-and-a-half-month stay (she has been in Libertador since the same cambio that I came to Chile), and Hermana Morán is leaving too.  They are both going to Conce - Chillancito and Hualqui, respectively.  Hermana Lovell is coming from Constitución to finish Hermana Phelps´s training and to take over Hermana Miskin´s role as Sister Training Leader.  (Hermana Lovell is awesome, so I´m excited to have her in the house!)  

As for me, I will be staying in Libertador and TRAINING!!!!  I am excited but a little bit scared, because this time is the first time I will be training on my own.  For the first time, I am the one who has to know how to navigate the sector.  I have to know all members and be able to work well with them.  And I have to be in charge of the phone (I do NOT like talking on the phone in Spanish, not at all, I just don´t understand anything people say and no matter what I always feel like they are mad at me because I don´t understand the subtle nuances in their voice or in their choice of words and there are no facial expressions to go off of).  I don´t have another trainer in my companionship to rely on, and I am not just finishing the training that someone else started.  It is defnintely exciting, but I know it is a huge task.  I hope I am equal to it.  I pray to love her and to be a good example and I pray that we can be able to work hard and work in unity.

And, for your commitment this week, let´s talk some more about the Book of Mormon!  KEEP READING!  I am attaching a schedule for those of you who want to "read along" with the Mission Chile Concepción.  If you don´t want to try to catch up to us, just start where we are (that´s what my trainee is going to have to do too, so you won´t be alone!)

Anyway, that´s all I have time for today.  I am so grateful for all of you - you are the best friends and family in the ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!

Next week I´ll tell all y´all about my awesome new "hija."


Hermana B

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