Wednesday, June 5, 2013



Okay, when I said "hello" in my brain just now, it was funny, because I said it in a Chilean "I'm going to speak all the English I know to you because you're clearly North American" accent.  Anyway.

I'm having a hard time even remembering what happened this week, honestly.

One highlight of the week is that I did a mini-cambio with Hermana Lovell.  She's awesome.  Something really special about her is that she has a knack for making you feel really good about yourself.  And she doesn't do it by giving flattering comments or anything like that.  Instead, she just reminds you of the love that God has for you and how special you are to Him and the incredible worth that you have as one of His children.  And Hermana Lovell has this way of sharing that love with everybody she meets.  It's incredible.  She always knows how to make things AWESOME!

Speaking of which, Hermana Lovell shared with me a copy of a blog post that she has, which is called "Drops of Awesome."  I don't know where it originated from, but I would highly recommend reading it.  You could maybe just try Googling "Drops of Awesome" and then read it and let it change your life, because it will.

So after I read that blog, I started to think of everything I did as a missionary as a "Drop of Awesome."  It makes everyday, normal missionary tasks lots of fun!  It's like in Mary Poppins when they sing while they clean the nursery.  "You find the fun and 'snap!' the job's a game!"

Anyway, I'm sorry but I don't have a lot more to say this week.  We are all still reading in the Book of Mormon, and this week I read Alma 34 again.  Remember that is wasn't that long ago that I read it last, and it was awesome then?  It's still awesome.  Read it again.

For your commitment this week, I want to invite you all to share the love that God has for you with somebody else.  We are working on building a better relationship with the ward members here, and some things we have been doing are leaving little notes of gratitude, recognizing birthdays, giving calls and visits of gratitude and support, and giving hugs (and handshakes, where appropriate).  So find something awesome to do to show someone you love them and that God loves them, too.

Thanks for all your love for me, even when my emails are lame.

Love you all so very much!


Hermana B

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