Monday, November 4, 2013

Mini-Cambios and a Movie

Wow.  Another week gone.  Weird.

On Wednesday Hermana Frandsen and I both headed over to Penco (her old sector, Crav) for a mini-cambio.  We have two sister training leaders that live in that house and so we got to go together.  It was fun.  I spent the day with Hermana Chavez, who is just plain awesome.  Also she goes to Utah State, so we talked about Logan a lot.  She said she hadn't been sure if she was going to go back there or not after the mission, but after we talked about how awesome Logan is for a while she was pretty much ready to go back.  Yay!  Go Aggies!

Being in Penco was good.  There are a lot of hills there - which is really common in those sectors closer to the ocean, I just have never served in one.  All my sectors have been really flat.  Anyway, we didn't have to climb too many hills because we stayed in this one neighborhood up at the top of a hill for most of the afternoon.  But at one point we did have to go up this crazy long, steep staircase which put us out of breath for a few minutes after we got into the investigator's house.  But it reminded us of Old Main, of course.  Maybe a bit steeper but not quite as long.

Speaking of Universities, something I learned this week is that the mascot at BYU is named Cosmo.  (This is probably not news to many of you, but I sure didn't know.  Why would I?)  Hermana Frandsen was telling me this story about her biology teacher who, when he was a little kid, woke up one morning and saw a cougar underneath his neighbor's car.  Understandably, he was alarmed and he told his parents.  So his dad went to go get his shotgun before it ate their neighbor (or anyone else) and in the meantime their neighbor came outside (a really old lady, from what I understand), saw the cougar under the car and went and grabbed it by the neck and dragged it out from under the car while she chastised it.  Turns out it was "the" Cosmo.  She was babysitting it or something.  Anyway, I tell you all this story for a couple of reasons.  One, because I wanted to give some context to it when I say that I don't think Cosmo is a very good name for a mascot, especially not one that is a Cougar.  Two, because this story represents a great achievement in Hermana Frandsen's ability to communicate with Chileans.  She said that she told this story the other day all in Spanish and that everyone was listening and thought it was hilarious.  In other words, she's pretty much fluent in Spanish now.  But now that we are talking about this here in the ciber, turns out she used the wrong word for "neck," calling it "coigo" or something instead of "cuello."  So on second thought, she says maybe that's why everyone laughed....  Anyway, she is telling me this story and she says, "Turns out it was COSMO under the car.  The REAL Cosmo."  And she's all excited about it.  And I am like, "Who is Cosmo?"  (Honestly, should I really be expected to know the name of a rival college's mascot?  I knew they were cougars, can't that be enough?)  And then she tells me that Cosmo is the name of BYU's mascot.  Well, I told her I thought that was a terrible name for a mascot and then we spent a few minutes discussing all the different mascot names from all our schools.  When I said our mascot was named Big Blue, she was like, "What is that?  An ox?"  Oh my goodness.  An ox.  Anyway, maybe Big Blue isn't the best name ever, but at least it isn't Cosmo.  I mean, does BYU think their cougar mascot lives in outer space?  Maybe I'd be on board with the name if Cosmo started wearing a space suit....  At least Big Blue is big and blue.  Also I am certain he looks so much cooler doing gymnastics on the sidelines than somebody in a cougar costume ever could, no matter what Hermana Frandsen says.

Anyway, so that's what we talked about one morning this week while we were doing our exercises.  Sorry about that weird tangent.

The only other really important thing that happened this week was that we had a ward activity on Friday.  We had been planning it forever and we were stressed that it might not actually come through, but it did!  And it was awesome.  We set up the gym like a movie theater and this guy in our ward who owns a popcorn cart came and made us all popcorn (SO MUCH popcorn).  We had a series of Mormon Messages and I'm a Mormon videos as "previews" and then we watched Earthly Father, Heavenly Father as our message.  And then we watched Tangled.  It was awesome and we based the whole thing on eternal families and being children of God.  We were so happy that it went well and there were tons of people there.  Our ward missionaries had even completed their job of inviting lots of menos activos and investigators.  It was awesome.

Anyway, that's all I have for now.  Except to tell you all to KEEP READING!

Lovelovelove you all.  Have a great week!


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