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Does anyone else find it hilarious but also awesome that the Church has a # for everything?  At the end of the re-broadcasted Relief Society session on Saturday morning when we saw the #ReliefSociety on the screen we about died.  Technology is cool and one really awesome thing about the Church is that the Lord knows how to use technology to His advantage.

My grandparents wrote to me and told me about how the missionaries in Logan have iPads that have all the things they could ever need in them.  I know that Hermana Lish ended up with an iPad when she got sent to Provo to finish her mission as well.  Don't anybody get too excited, though, because here in Chile we do it old-school.  Paper products and physical DVDs.  But even though sometimes the rain streaks important information in our agendas and I don't know a missionary whose scriptures haven't gotten water damged in their backpack, we rock it.  And our agendas (little spiral bound notebooks with daily planning pages for the six weeks of the cambio) are truly beloved.  Losing your agenda is like losing your right arm.  One day Hermana Frandsen got off the bus and realized that she had left her agenda on it.  At first she was really upset, but then as they turned the corner they saw that very same bus passing by again and flagged it down.  She got on and the driver was like, "Yeah, we have your book."  She was very relieved to have gotten it back.

Anyway, let's talk about Conference!  Wahoo!!!!!

What were your favorite talks?  I liked Elder Holland, Elder Oaks, Elder Ballard, and a bunch of others!  I mean, there wasn't really one that I didn't like!  But I loved those three especially.

Hermana Frandsen said she thought the theme was "Things are Bad and They're Gonna Get a WHOLE LOT WORSE."  I think she is probably right.  They were definintely preparing us for something.

Who loved the family choir?  We were cracking up at all the sleepy kids.  It was awesome.  We also loved the all-sisters MTC choir in the Relief Society session.  Who can believe that now there are enough sisters in the MTC to fill those choir seats?

I am so excited to review the Conference talks.  I am going to be dowloading some of them onto my iPod today while I am in the ciber so that we don't have to wait for the transcripts or the Liahona!

How is the Book of Mormon reading going?  I know we are all struggling through those Isaiah chapters, but I encourage you all to keep it up!  Your commitment this week is to KEEP READING ALL THE DAYS!  And try to love Isaiah a little bit more than last time!

Well, gotta go now.




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