Thursday, March 28, 2013

La Trinidad (March 25, 2013)

Hello Again My Beloved Ones,

Another week gone!  I know it was busy and crazy, but I can barely remember what we did somehow!  So sorry, but this email is going to be another lame one.

Hermana Fajardo, Hermana Holland, and I are slowly learning how to make things work as a trio, and even managed to acquire a third bike on a semi-permanent basis!  Hooray for generous members!

On Friday we had a training for all the Hermanas here in the Talca stake - that´s 11 of us!  Normally for something like that we would travel to Talca, but they decided to hold it in our little chapel in San Javier, so that meant that we didn`t have to travel!  The sisters in Constitución, however, had a two-hour bus trip to make, so rather than leave at some unearthly hour in the morning in order to make it on time, we had a little hermanas sleepover party in our house on Thursday night.  So there were seven hermanas, four mattresses, and only one shower, but we made it work!

The training on Friday was really great.  The assistants taught it and they had called us ahead of time to find out what we wanted to learn about so they could really focus it on our needs.  With so many new hermanas coming, they want to make sure we feel prepared to serve the best we can and to help all the new sisters be great missionaries as well!  We did lots of practices with the assistants and with our zone leaders and shared our experiences and everyone cried a little (because we´re hermanas and that´s what we do!).  The assistants gave our companionship the nickname, "La Trinidad," and they say we are doing awesome as a trio.  I sure hope they`re right!

The weather is starting to cool off a little here, and Hermana Fajardo is really excited because she has never seen fall before in her life!  I am excited because the opportunity to wear sweaters means that my wardrobe will grow just a little bit.  :)

This week in my studies I have been reading a lot from the October General Conference report, and I have really loved reading the talks from the priesthood session, especially Elder Eyring's.  I am so excited for General Conference coming up in April, and I want all of you to get excited too!  We are so blessed to have a living-day prophet and twelve apostles to guide us a help us know how to strengthen our faith and navigate safely through the evils and dangers of this modern world.  I know that President Monson is a prophet of God and that he leads this Church under the direction of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  General Conference is a great opportunity to hear what the Lord has to say to us and I know if you prepare yourselves and listen with an open heart, you will receive answers to your prayers.  And how great is it that we can watch Conference live, or stream it from the internet, or read it in the Ensign or Liahona, and now even download it onto our phones (well, you can do that, I can`t)!  What a magnificent gift we have, to have the words of a prophet of God so easily accessible to us!  I feel incredibly blessed.

This week your commitment is to begin to prepare yourselves for General Conference.  Think of questions you need answered, take your concerns and cares and worries to the Lord in prayer, and trust that His chosen servants will answer them through this magnificent bi-annual event.  And while you`re waiting, review past conference reports because they´re totally awesome and I always feel happy when I read them.

Anyway, that´s all I have to report this week.

Love you all and hope you´re happy and well and that you have a most awesome last week of March!



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